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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should we choose Growing Solutions?

Simple – knowledge, experience, dedication. No one in this market has the amount of time we do in this field. The 4 of us have over 60 years combined experience in properly servicing the properties in the ark–la–tex. In that time we have seen it all, from insect infestations to severe brown patch and grey leaf spot disease problems to lawns full of weeds with little exstisting turf. We can correct these situations and regrow the turf back to a healthy thick green lawn. Knowing how to get a property back on track and looking excellent is something a homeowner can throw a lot of money at and still have mimimal success. Growing Solutions takes care of these types of problems on a regular basis. We are dedicated to making these properties look their best, 90% of our new customers come from referrals, so our lawns, landscapes and flowerbeds have to look great in order to get new business and the company continue to grow.

2. How should I water my property?

Watering changes thoughout the year. When you’re on the program we leave detailed instructions with each application. It’s different with each property due to soil composition, compaction, water pressure, etc. We evaluate each property before giving you any instructions. In a nutshell, in spring you should only water as needed in the absence of rainfall. In Louisiana we normally get enough rain so you dont need any extra for your lawn and landscape plants. As summer approaches regular watering is required to maintain good color and dense growth. We recommend watering deeply one or two times per week instead of every other day. Watering for 15 minutes daily or every other day is a waste of water since you lose it to evaporation on a hot day within a couple of hours. Always water in the early morning hours while the soil temperatures are cool at this time of year. As fall approaches, water again only as needed, as soil temperature begins to drop from cool morning lows, you get less evaporation in the lawn and landscape beds so less is required. Once the lawn goes dormant, it’s really not necessary to water the lawn at all, since brown patch is so heavy in our area. Landscape plants will be fine also, unless you have some new plantings or seasonal color.

3. How High Should I Mow?

As a general rule in spring you need to mow a little shorter, this encourages the grass to spread faster, as it gets hotter you need to raise the mower hieght, remember turf stores its extra moisture in the leaf blades, keeping it higher will give it more reserves to pull from, mowing short in summer when its hot will cause the grass plant to dry out faster and lose its color faster, mowing short will also cause it to burn from mowing. Each turf type has its own mowing height, we leave that information for you. As it gets cooler continue to mow at the summer height, keeping it higher will help protect the root system from freeze injury over winter.

4. Does my lawn need lime/sulfur?

Lime is for St. Augustine/Bermuda – Sulfur is for centipede. These soil ammendments are added to correct the PH of the soil if it is off. It is recommended to change it if is off; the only way to know this is with a soil sample. Without a soil sample there is no way of knowing how much to apply to correct it. If your soil PH is perfect and you continue to add it on a regular basis, you will throw it out of balance. The LSU extension center recommends a soil sample be taken, see what you need and correct it acordingly all at one time.

5. How does the bed weed control program work?

This very popular program is a combination of pre emergent and post emergent weed controls. The pre emergent goes in the beds over the tops of the plants and everywere any weeds will grow. It will not effect the shrubs at all. This product creates a barrier in the soil that controls the weed seeds before they can germinate. The post emergent will control whats already up and actively growing, the two in combination with each other will keep the weeds down to a minimum. A good layer of mulch is needed. People who have this service love it. It’s less expencive than hiring someone to pull plus your beds always look good. Please keep in mind there are some weeds that the pre emergent will not control like bermuda and nutgrass, but we have products that will clean these up as part of this program.

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We work in Bossier, Caddo, and Webster Parishes. Our coverage area includes the following communities and everywhere in between: Shreveport, Bossier City, Minden, Benton, and Haughton.
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